Sidelined for 3 L-O-N-G weeks by a knee injury has left me with the unexpected gift of thought. Not being able stand for any length of time or walk around¬† means that other than reading countless magazines, watching every cooking and DIY show (I have quite the list of projects for my poor husband!) and perusing the internet – I have had plenty of time to re-visit memories, examine and re-evaluate relationships . Some people have come so clearly into focus that I wonder how long I’ve been wearing emotional sunglasses…and why have I?

When you get the chance to stop and think without the normal, everyday distractions – you really have to wonder –¬† how it is possible that you could be seemingly so in charge of your life and yet have regularly wandered around carelessly aimless on your life’s many diverse paths?

There are so many truly wonderful, caring, kind and loving people in your life – people who enrich, inspire and support you and they are the treasures that contribute to and share in making the journey of life the miracle it is. I have been reveling in how fortunate I am to have these beauties in my life.

On the other hand, it becomes disconcertingly¬† clear just how many “hangers-on” there are in your midst. In some ways they have been hiding in plain sight all along and yet, truth be told, you invited them in…well, that will teach your for buying emotional sunglasses at the dollar store!