May 31, 2018

Well, here we are – Graduation Day. Did I imagine that we would ever get here? Hell yes! I always knew that we’d be here one day….right from that first breath of motherhood. Not because of any fanciful high expectation but rather, from the strange and simple, unexplained sense of knowing that I have felt on several instances in our shared life.

As a tiny baby (refusing to nurse properly in the hospital!) I saw the future. When you begrudgingly wore that little white cardboard cap with the over-sized tassel that kept falling onto your sweaty face as you “graduated” pre-school on a scorching 40C degree afternoon almost 23 years ago, I saw that black cap and gown – although I am positive that an ice cold popscicle was all that you we were imagining at the time. Every childhood graduation since then was merely a (quite honestly, overdone) dress rehearsal  of what was to come…today.

Although both smart and successful people in our own right, you dad and I were never particularly academically inclined. We have always been about arts and communication, so where you got this penchant for the books and driving competitive ambition…who knows? (Pretty sure it wasn’t the mailman – sorry – one of those “back in the day jokes’ – Lol!).

So later today, on this sunny, warm late-spring afternoon, your dad and I – joined by your supportive younger sisters and 90 year old grandmother will all proudly stand by your side ( and pose for about 100 photographs – you know me!) to revel in this long anticipated and most deserving moment of achievement.

We will fete you tonight with some champagne and a celebratory dinner and then, my dearest son…my first born wonder…you are off. I just hope the world is ready for you!




May 29, 2013

Today my son is graduating from university and  I can’t stop wondering just how it is that we got here – so fast. It seems to me that we were just playing Transformers and Star Wars, or building complex forts out of  Lego. I remember how exciting it was for him to take his saved up pennies to the toy store and choose a new Hot Wheels car.

I remember vividly, all the magic of preschool with its songs and mountains of art work. Then came Elementary school with  those sometimes painful concerts, creative fundraising events and the newness of homework. High school followed with emergence of a sense of  independence, intensive projects, and the newness of studying for exams.  In university, I haven’t had to ask him about his homework – just whether he’d be home for dinner or not.

I can still see us walking around downtown, it was probably about 20 years ago –  and passing the impressive gates and tree-lined road that leads to the  to the university which sits at the top of a hill.  He was about 4 years old at the time – still willing to hold my hand – and he asked me what that huge building was. I told him it would probably be the school he would go to when he was a grown-up man – a time that was so far into the future that I could barely make out its shape.

Each time my son has graduated from one phase in his life to the next – so have I…something that I’m sure he has never realized.

I wonder if he will take my hand today – even for the briefest  moment ….. as I cross another invisible stage, alongside him.