It’s o.k. to feel sad. I’m not talking about depression – just a sad day or two. You don’t have to reach for the prescrp. meds everytime you feel a bit “blue”. Our society has really conditioned us to being slim, happy, successful people with gleaming white teeth….hey – I’m one of those people  (although, admittingly – no hot white beam of light bounces off my teeth when I smile…and I use the whitestrips) and every once in awhile I have a sad day. A day where i wonder wht direction I’m supposed to be going in, a day where I’m reminded about someone or even an opportunity that I missed. How about the days when you’re thinking back to times that were easier – you were younger and more carefree – no real responsibilities. Doesn’t mean that you life now isn’t wonderful – but you’re feeling wistful rememberinghte past and yes…a litle sad. Life gets so hectic and you’re put onthe spot constantly – asked to preform  with a smile for everyone – even the cashier at the check-out…Hey I don’t feel like smiling today!!! And you know what? It feels good – yeah – in a strange way it feels good to feel sad – even when everything is going well…kinda reminds me that I’m alive – makes me reflect on things/times that I’ve forgotten to remember. While wallowing in regret is a waste of time – flashing back to it, acknowledging it – this is what help motivate you to move forward. Besides, sad songs never sound so good and ice cream out of the container never tastes so gourmet as on a blue day – eh? Enjoy your sad day – and then get over it!


One Response to “It’s O.k. To Feel Sad”

  1. Josée Says:

    Too true – I’ve come to recognize and accept my “blue days”. It’s good to wallow a little bit then move on.

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