I’ve just put the last batch (of 8 dozen!) Halloween shaped cookies in the oven, and as I looked out at the golden leaves of October – I can’t help but feel a sweet sadness. My first two children are teenagers – cookies in shapes taste good but they aren’t dreaming of them…my youngest, in elementary school, helped me cut out a few and then lost interest…..(sigh) where does the time go?

I remember when my friend Ann and I would be baking up a storm – entire collections of shapes – the Halloween ones – cats, ghosts, bats and pumpkins – in various sizes too! We’d compare notes on icings and sprinkles….Sprinkles! I used to own a small cupboard of sprinkles – every colour you could imagine and jar and jars of seasonal shapes. I still keep a fair collection but it’s not quite the same. The children were small, barely able to reach the counter – so they would climb on a chair to take turns mixing the dough, rolling the dough and of course, arguing about which shape was next in line for the oven.

Tonight I will probably sit alone (maybe my youngest will help with the first few) and ice 8 dozen cookies…some for my family and some for the little ones in my pre-school class.

Mothers – hang onto those moments when your small children want to bake – let them roll and re-roll the dough – who cares if it’s tough. The time will whiz by you like a blast of winter wind on an autumn afternoon and poof! Just like that – it will be gone.

Happy Baking!


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