Road Trip

April 24, 2018

My youngest daughter is 17 – and “all that” – if you know what I mean. Head full of the images of freedom, heart beating with creative ideas and endless possibilities. Her cheeks are perpetually flushed with excitement whenever she discusses her dreams – – but I am grateful that at least she shares her dreams….for the most part!

She’s chomping at the bit to break out – not to be mistaken with moving out. She is still happy to live here at home with us and be part of the family….but she is ready to Go and Explore. For the last year she has been talking about and loosely planning this fabulous Road Trip that she imagines taking with a couple of her friends – you know, hopping into a car and hitting the open road. Clearly, my first concern is the driving. Teenage driving…aimlessly and  wherever the wind blows them – with no real, concrete plan. Windows open, wind in their hair, music blasting…..hmm – where have I seen that before? Oh yeah – me – a million years ago.

it’s not that I against road trips….it’s just that this time, I’m the parent.



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