Cream – no Sugar

April 23, 2018

Ahhh – middle age – the era of cream, cream and more cream. Putting myself together these days is like putting together an IKEA dresser – vague instructions left up to interpretation and sometimes some obscure spare parts.

There is gel for my eyelids and brow bone, smoothing cream for my oh-so-delicate under eye area to be followed with dark circle concealer and color correcting cream (to combat all those menopausal insomniac nights). Face forward; start with primer, you know – so all your other creams (and make-up, should you dare) stick. Then it’s onto the actual age-defying face cream with SPF 1000, jaw line lift cream, forehead smoothing cream, neck emollient and décolleté firming cream, plumping lip conditioner (following an exfoliation buffing gel – gotta get that flaky pucker ready to smile without cracking!). Not to be forgotten – scaly arm and leg cream, tummy tightening lotion, cellulite toning oil and elbow enriching balm. Oh yes – lest I forget – age spot fade cream.

Some days I literally slide into bed at night and in the morning, carefully try to slip into my cloths without falling – always trying to remain silky smooth and never sticky….REALLY??? I remember when being sticky was kinda fun – LOL!


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