Drifting Apart

February 3, 2018

There are people in our lives – good friends, close friends, neighbors, co-workers,  confidants. People with whom we spend our every day –  and over time, we somehow seem to just noticeably float apart. No harsh words fall between us and there is no falling out….just a silent, simple, subtle and undefined drifting that leaves a soulful sense of confusion and emptiness

Over the years I have wondered and often agonized at how these driftings could have occurred and I miss these people because from time to time, each one of them in their own special way were the effortless magic thread in the fabric of my daily life. Some had that perfect, unspoken warm and knowing glance or smile that I needed…and some just made me laugh…hysterically. I still feel the same way about these wonderful people who, for a long time, filled all the tiny holes that we all carry in our hearts and souls. Where, how and why did all those intimate connections seep out of my soul? I have spent years mourning some of the losses, trying to decipher the reason why these deeply important connections just evaporated away.

Then, recently, it dawned on me that perhaps, it’s simply a case of us not needing each other anymore – maybe we gave each other all and everything that each of us needed at the time…and no matter how much we miss the laughter, private jokes and warm knowing glances. it’s time to move on from each other so that new people will have room to fill in those spaces for the new experiences that we will have.



3 Responses to “Drifting Apart”

  1. Nives Says:

    You captured a real raw emotion. Well put!

  2. Love the last line in laericular Connie…only shines in one direction”. Well done 👏

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