Tight Fit!

October 3, 2017

A Sunday afternoon Baby Shower…what fun! Cute little cookies made to bring, gift all wrapped up sweet and pretty – now to get dressed. Easier said than done!

I slip into a skirt – ok, “slip” is not the right word – struggle, hold my breath, hop up and down is more like it. Hmm…why can I barely do it up? Definitely must have shrunk in the dryer. Next skirt – also terribly tight, pair of dressy jeans – a struggle. That’s when the panic hits as Hurricane Fit (as in, having one!) blows through my bedroom. A rainstorm of clothes begin to fly from my closet to me to the bed and a HUGE heap cotton/silk and polyester mounts, almost blocking out the window.

I find something that fits and looks cute (thank you elastic waistband!) but now, I have no shoes…it went from the dead heat of summer to cool autumn in the matter of a few days so I am scrambling to find ANYTHING appropriate. I can handle being a middle-age woman at a baby shower full of young beauties…but do not want to go as an “old gal”….might as well swipe on a load of blush and rim my lips with red lipstick, then!

I came downstairs as my girlfriend Barb arrived (we are driving together) and was dabbing my overly rosy face when she asks me if I am feeling ok. I tell her that I am dabbing my forehead because I was trying on clothes – she nods and gets it immediately. Enough said!

It seems that since my Dad passed a few months ago, that I gained a few pounds – I guess once the stress was off – so were the portion control rules! At any rate – I managed to get through the shower and have a lovely time (tight pants made eating treats VERY manageable – LOL!).

Needless to say – the treadmill has been dusted off!


One Response to “Tight Fit!”

  1. Oh Can I see this vividly or what😂❤️

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