Turning Points

February 1, 2017

Turning Point. The moment when you you see people for who they are…or who they can be. There are those that we know that we can count on – they are always “there” – exactly when you need them, not only at those tough times in life – but at those wonderful times too. They are on standby to either rejoice with you or to enfold you into their arms.
Then there are the people who truly surprise you – they blossom at a moment’s notice and come through most unexpectedly and you find a heartfelt kindness and caring that you never knew existed….those people…those moments – always take my breath away and inspire me – fill me with hope and a renewed spirit.

Then there are those who surprise you in a different way…you believe they are there in the wings, waiting to hold you up or to cheer you on – but when the moment comes….nothing.

What a disappointment.

What a reminder that not all is as it seems, and that there is often a whole lot of talk and no real action. That always blindsides me. I think it’s because I love to have faith – faith in peoples’ word….but then again – words are often just that…words – nothing more.

Life is an ongoing series of lessons that somehow – even when you think you are old enough, have been around that proverbial block once or twice (or maybe more)and are sure that you have seen it all…guess what? You haven’t. Oh – maybe your eyes have seen it all, maybe your head has seen it all…but your heart? Now that’s the part that gets surprised.

Turning Point – means just that; the point in one’s life where your thoughts turn, your faith turns and your heart turns….and sometimes you are turned onto another path – leaving where you were, and with whom…behind.


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