Trading One Today

February 12, 2016

A very long time ago at some social gathering – you know the kind, one where the wine flows and suddenly everyone is a junior philosopher and you are all solving the world’s problems – someone one asked me if I would ever one tomorrow for one yesterday.

I was in my early twenties and being a grown-up was still an exhilarating promotion in life so my answer was a resounding “NO!” I mean, come on – anything could happen tomorrow (and of course, in your twenties “anything” meant it was going to be exciting). You could suddenly be offered the job of your dreams, you could fall in love with THE ONE, you might win the lottery!

Fast forward a hundred years – or at least a couple of decades…I did indeed find THE ONE and am happily married to him – just about 30 years. My children are grown and I couldn’t be more thrilled for them, finding their way relatively well in the world – discovering adventures and solving the world’s problems at their own social gatherings, no doubt.

Recently, an old friend asked me that question again (only at this gathering we were now veteran philosophers) and I had to pause.. Without warning a flood of memories washed over me….lots and lots of Lego, playing with little figures and making the appropriate voices, baking one bijillion cookies in every shape possible, looking for “treasures” while walking to the grocery store….reading, all cuddled up in bed. Yes – most definitely. Yes – I would trade one tomorrow for one beautiful yesterday when my children were small.

As for the possibility of winning the lottery “tomorrow”……it seems that I already did.


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