Valentine Party #20

February 8, 2015

The guests have all gone but their laughter echoes off the walls in my house – their smiles shine in every mirror. How wonderful it was to spend this blustery winter afternoon in the company of so many women who have shaped my every day.

Almost every year I hold a Valentine Party – ladies only – and it all began because we were young mothers with babies and toddlers and the glow of Valentine’s Day had worn off in our marriages as these babies replaced candlelight dinner and the need (I suppose) and the energy for our husbands to court us. It was a completely normal and understandable change in our lives – but me, the hopeless romantic, wanted to still celebrate Valentine’s Day and so I thought, wouldn’t it be great to celebrate these wonderful women I know with a Valentine Brunch.

And so the Valentine Party was born -” the ladies only” part meant -No Kids!! We dressed up, put lipstick on and tried to wear something in some shade of red or pink. We were only 8 at that first brunch….and  then it grew….and it grew…and it grew, as did my incredible circle of friends.  This afternoon we were 28 people in my small, but party-friendly house. Champagne and orange juice always starts off the celebration and the main event is the connections we made – we continue to make and the freedom to be the young girls that still live inside each one of us.

I am just now putting my feet up, sipping the last glass of champagne, watching the various Valentine decorations swing back and forth and listening to all that wonderful girlish laughter that my walls are kindly holding onto for me.


5 Responses to “Valentine Party #20”

  1. nives degano Says:

    Beautiful words from a beautiful person… Connie!

  2. Ann MacKay Says:

    As I walked into your home today, I was warmed by the chatter bouncing off every wall in your home! And my first thought was, “does this ever feel right
    !”. It is always a treat to catch up with everyone and meet new people as well. You sure know how to throw a party my friend:) XO

  3. Esperanza Says:

    Thank-you for a lovely party.

  4. Wendi Says:

    Connie, it is a lovely endeavour and a worthy tradition. Thank you so much for including me.

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