The Sounds of the Sleepless

January 22, 2015

(Lying in bed this morning, I heard Simon and Garfunkle’s Sounds of Silence as I was writing this)


Hello 4:30 my old friend

I’ve come to sit with you again

In the dark before dawn I am creeping

while my family is upstairs sleeping

and the noise of the trucks on my street removing snow

is waking neighbors that I know

These are the sounds – of the sleepless.


In my bed I tossed and turned

while my clock’s face light burned

How many hours before I go to work?

Why does menopause have this sleepless quirk?

and as the hours slowing tick on past

I’m thinking fast

of all the things – I have to do


How many people stop and stare

at the numbers flashing there

on their night tables a-gleaming

and the crazy thoughts that send them  reeling

all the worries that loom so large at this tiny hour

by dawn, have no real power

These are the thoughts – of the sleepless.


Tonight I will begin again

to try to sleep the night and then

we’ll see where I am at dawn

still asleep or writing here with a yawn

Now the coffee maker begins to spit and sputter

I hear a mutter

Someone else is finally up – good morning


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