Picture Perfect

November 9, 2014

My husband and I were looking through old pictures last night. We are working on finally cataloging and tagging them all.  As each frozen moment in time floated across the screen, so did my heart. People who are the dearest to me, captured in easier times. All physically so free and easy and well….it really wasn’t that long ago, and of course all of us were so completely unaware of what prisons were to come for some….thank goodness, I guess.

I saw my children so young and sweet, and I desperately longed to just reach through that screen and scoop them up into my arms and onto my lap – as I used to do. Each picture was more beautiful than the last, and I was amazed at how perfect I found each one –  because I do remember that at the time the photos were taken, I was often kind of annoyed at how many times at least one child was squirming, making a silly face or looking away. As a photographer, I have the habit of always searching to create the most magical moment and for each picture to be absolutely perfect.

Now I realize that every one of them….is.


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