Friends who do Lunch

November 9, 2014

I had lunch the other day with someone who I have known for a remarkable 26 years. Although we don’t see each other all of the time – she is someone who has known me from the time I was a newlywed, through motherhood, career changes and now struggles with aging parents. We met when I came to work at the same magazine (she was even my boss at one point) and although there are several years between us, she has never made me feel it – we have simply been Friends, each one of us bringing something wonderful to our relationship. We have stayed in touch all these years but sometimes years would pass before we would see each other, our lives were simply busy travelling in different directions.

Then one day, a few years ago, we decided to finally “do lunch” and I am happy to say that this is now a regular occurrence. When we get together we do sometimes touch on the past – barely. Mostly, we talk about today and our conversations are endless.

I always feel so full when we part company and I think it’s because she knows me for Me. Not someone’s wife or mother … just me. She has a good idea of what my hopes and dreams are for myself and she knows of some of my struggles, as I do hers.

We have a history, but are not so intertwined that it is ever old….and when we get together, happily – neither are we.


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