Expensive Hairband!

September 1, 2014

I wear reading glasses. Big whoop – everyone who knows me or is even in the vicinity of my age group already knows that…..but do they know that I tend to use my glasses as a hair band unless I am desperate?  Dumb-dumb-bum (my new fave saying).

Two nights ago, I go upstairs to bed with my “good” reading glasses (read: $250.) in hand/in their case. I am going to bed early and going to try and read with the great hope that I willy not pass out on page 1. 

What’s that on my bed?? Looks like bug (A – I live in a 100 yr old home, so this isn’t really an unreasonable situation, and B- I don’t care if it is still summer, I am NOT a bug person at all!). Kinda centipede-ish in style, from what I can see. It starts to move and I bravely, because I am not wearing my glasses, try to whack it ( nature lovers- please refrain from writing me with your comments, ok?). Whack – whack – whack! Can’t get it. Damn! If only I had had my glasses on!!….Now here’s the thing…what I am whacking with, is my hard glasses case…so therefore my glasses are inside it…Dumb-dumb-bum, 

I yell downstairs for my husband to come up – after all, I do believe that bug removal was in our marriage vows.He comes up, only to watch said centipede slip down the back of the bed and into the exposed brick wall…which I thought was cozy, stylish and sexy when he did it…now – I’m having my doubts,

This is not the first time I have had a Glasses Mishap.

Several months ago, I took a dear friend out for a birthday dinner to a restaurant that I have frequented quite a few times over the years (meaning – I know the flippin’ menu) Now, my hair looks f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s so I am not wearing my “glasses hairband” due to the shield of hairspray I’ve got going on. Wow! Great! The menu hasn’t changed at all and neither have the prices. I am going to splurge and treat myself to the Seafood Linguine at $21.95. Dinner was wonderful – lots of catch up conversation and a very tasty dinner. Then the bill comes and obviously I have to put my glasses on now so that I can read it properly to add the appropriate tip and sign off on it.

Oh – My – God…..what I read at $21.95 without my glasses – was actually $31.95….other items were equally “adjusted” from the last time I was there. Now, it was a special, celebratory dinner – I have no problem with that….but I can’t lie and say that I wasn’t surprised to see that the $50 that I had assumed it would be was now about $100.  I mean, I have no regrets – great meal and a great evening shared with a friend…..and now may I add…a great bill to arrive!  

Guess who’s wearing their glasses from now on? 


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