A Bouquet of Stairs

May 31, 2014

Sooooo excited!!   I am up at 6am this morning – on a Saturday. Ok – the truth is that with three kids and work, I am up at 6 every morning…but today it’s not not in the hit-the-snooze-button kind of way; today I am bouncing out of bed because today – I am getting new stairs /front porch!

Now I titled this a “bouquet” of stairs because yesterday at work, my beautiful 23 year old co-worked was telling me all about her new beau who was taking her for dinner and has been romancing her with among other things, her favorite bouquet of flowers…..and as glorious as that sounded to me (and it did sound damned romantic) – knowing that my husband was going to FINALLY build me my new (simple) front porch with stairs that I can walk down straight way (as opposed to sideways). That, my friends – is a married-for-26-years pressure treated wooden bouquet.

Now, of course I will be helping (ooohhh, a shared romantic activity too!) by probably just watching and advising…my usual role. I will greet him with a fabulous lunch midway and an ice cold beer after the job is done…might even wear my fancy apron – Lol!


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