About Last Night

May 9, 2014

I am writing this with my eyes having sunk to the back of my head as I have now completed a fairly sleepless Night # 3. It isn’t really because my husband has been away this week – that is purely co-incidental. It’s insane – it’s age (so my doctor tells me) – it is God knows what….I’ve never been a good sleeper, as you’ve probably read before.

But here I am thinking; I will enjoy the King size bed alone – stretch out while he is away – because you know how it is when you share a bed with someone; you are conscious of them being there, in a respectful way.

First things first. It is finally Spring – so I am going to leave the window open a crack to get that fresh night air that my Grandmother always raved about. Snuggle down under the covers and begin to drift off….

Now it all begins. It’s around 11 pm and our 17 year old cat starts her ritual caterwauling. I get up to run the tap for her as she has taken to wanting to drink water from ONLY a running tap (never mind that she has a fancy bubbling cat fountain and a second “back up” bowl). Ok – she is satisfied, so I can go back to bed and snuggle back down.

I wake up, oh probably 2  times, to use the bathroom because I drink so much water in the day (or, once again – could be age).

Toss and turn another good hour or two because I’ve had a couple of extra coffees (to help keep me up during the day because I haven’t slept the night before).

I have reached 3 am  – the witching hour.  After taking a Gravol (because reading a few lines in my book, followed by relaxing all my muscles and doing a bit of pseudo meditation – I am still awake) I feel myself  finally drift off to sleep  Ahhhhhhhhh.

4:30 am – A neighbour gets home from shift work. Dropped off by a co-worker and now chatting. Here is the thing about chatting in public at this hour; the volume is ten-fold louder because everything else is at a standstill.

5 am – Now the damn birds start chirping and to top it off, lucky us – we have crows that roost in our trees outside. Oh yeah, you know it; Caw! Caw! Caw!

I know that my alarms are going to go off in another half hour – yes, alarms. It’ll start with the cat, then the clock radio (yep, still have the same one from when we got married 26 years ago). This will be followed by the triad of alarms – my son’s spacey alarm, my oldest daughter’s rooster alarm (followed by her fire engine alarm – because the first one never works for her) and then my youngest daughter with her buzz-buzz-beep-beep alarm. Oh – and by the way…the whole idea of spreading out and enjoying the entire space of the King size bed? I woke up sleeping on the absolute  edge – like usual.

I get up…make a coffee – you know, just to get that cycle going again and because I have to face day full of children at work… I am going to need something to keep me going.

Hmmm – wonder how my husband slept – alone in his quiet hotel room?




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