Drill Me

May 8, 2014

Seriously. How does this keep happening to me? This was never in the mothering handbook that they gave me when I left the hospital. Why is it that kids ask moms for stuff at the last minute?

My husband is away on business, and my daughter tells me that she needs some holes drilled into some wood for a project. Now, I am hardly a helpless gal – but drilling? This is NOT my forte. So I have to text my husband to ask him what colour the drill is…..(yellow – like all the other tools, of course). I know for a fact that when I am away …. wait – I am never away…. When I am out for the evening, the kids do not come home and say “Dad – I need 30 cupcakes for tomorrow.”

So now, here I am searching around in my Hoarders-esque basement looking for 4 washers and the drill (found that) and some drill bits…drill what? Drill me!


One Response to “Drill Me”

  1. Carol Says:

    I was hoping to see some of your witty writing. Thank you!

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