Can You Hear Me Now….?

March 27, 2014

I am always amazed at how important it is for people to be heard (obviously myself included, considering I write a blog), but it’s the passive aggressive yelling that always surprises me. That insatiable need to be Right or to have the Last Word – seriously, that has to be exhausting to keep up.

I love talking with other people – hearing other opinions and points of view, because sometimes it changes my own perspective on things which is a good thing. I am often surprised, suddenly seeing things in a clearly new light  and  I grow. However, to pontificate –  just to hear one’s self speak – now that is a whole other sermon. I want to hear and share ideas, not be sermonized, because I don’t think that anyone’s point of view is ever enhanced that way. We all need to be intellectually enticed, gently and creatively, in order to truly learn and re-focus.

I think this goes for everyone,and in any situation –  because whether it’s school or a cocktail party, or even a chatty travel partner….there are things to learn and things to share and new ways to see virtually everything in life

I think about my soulful, soft-spoken  great-grandmother who used to say; “You can say anything to anybody – it’s all in how you say it.”

As a Talker (and Lord knows, I am a Talker!)  I know I need to remember that sage advise from time to time…

don’t we all!


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