Oh Valentine’s…How I Love Thee

February 10, 2014

Yesterday I had my annual “Ladies Only” Valentine Party. Well, I say annual because I held it rather successfully for 17 years, but then it took a 4 year hiatus due to the fact that people went back to work/kids were at that age where we were all attending various hockey games and swim meets/concerts etc. No one could seem to get together. I tried it again this year, a brunch – the way it was in the old days…..and WOW! 25 fabulous, red and/or pink clad ladies filled my home, much to my extreme pleasure. The champagne and OJ flowed – the quiches were hot – bagels, cream cheese and smoked salmon graced the table as well as croissants and jams – and there was a far more interesting cheese plate than in days long past!

This all began about 22 years ago when my son was 18 months old and I was in a “Mom and Tots” playgroup. We all have toddlers and babies then and had been married just long enough to no longer be going out for Valentine’s Day. So, I came up with the idea of treating my friends to a Valentine Brunch…..”Ladies Only” (read – no kids! – although my dear friend, Ann’s baby Kristen was happily there….Hey Kristen – the only kid – EVER!).  I wanted my friends to have the chance to wipe off the drool and spit up, swipe on some lipstick and dress up a bit, and also to have a well-earned glass of champagne and be served a brunch. That’s right – I said served – because back then, it was a small enough group to be a sit-down affair. A couple of years passed and I was in Pre-School too – so now I had another group of lovely ladies to treat.Now, because I still wanted to do the sit-down I was in a quandary until my friend Kathi suggested …are you ready for this? TWO sittings, in order to accommodate everyone. Sounded good/worked well/ I had the energy back then. 

Quickly – word began to spread among the ladies I knew about this Valentine Party, with its champagne (always a draw!), food and wild decorations (I used to change the curtains and placemats/tablecloths in my kitchen every season, for goodness sake). Pink tulle hung in every doorway and hearts were everywhere  hanging or on display – and I still do that! Plus there were those famous Loot Bags; because I believe that loot bags should not be just for children at birthday parties! In the early days the loot bags contained fancy panties (oh yeah – you try going into a store and imagine all of your friends’ derriere sizes!) but over time this became impossible with the number of, well,,,,derrieres (it’s now candies)!

Of course, I don’t get to visit with everyone….25 is a lot of ladies. But the whole reason I started this and continue this event is because I want to treat these wonderful women.I wanted then to have the chance to meet with and exchange thoughts and ideas with other women…women they’ve never met.

This is my Valentine gift to them all – not to mention that it’s a wonderful way to break up winter. January….you’re getting over the holiday season – but by mid-February it’s nice to have a dalliance with the knowledge that spring is soon to arrive.

So – a wonderful time was had by all…..plus my house is now super clean (thanks to my wonderful husband) to boot!

Happy Valentine’s Day to my wonderful Ladies!


2 Responses to “Oh Valentine’s…How I Love Thee”

  1. And what a sweet time it was! Such a lovely group of gals – testimony to our sweet Valentine Connie:) XO

  2. Carol Says:

    I ALWAYS remember the one valentines party that I attended. It was so much fun. I still have my invitation!

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