Why am I still awake – and other crazy questions.

February 7, 2014

Yawning, tearing eyes  – it’s 9:45 and I am ready for bed.

I crawl into bed and pull the duvet up under my chin – fluff my pillow and ahhhhhh – cozy! Any minute now, I’ll feel that deliciously heavy, sinking feeling of drifting off to sleep.

10:15 – I hear my son come in the door. Hey – why am I still awake?

10:45 – I know you’re not supposed to look at the clock but – what time is it?

-What is the  last name of my daughter’s new friend again?

– My eyelid itches a bit. Why do I even have dry skin on my eyelids? My husband said he noticed it in the folds. When did I get fold on my eyelids?

– I have to make Valentine cookies next week. Should I frost them? How hard is it to “flood” a frosting on a cookie?

– Why am I still awake?

11:15 – My pharmacist suggested to me that I take a Gravol now and again to help when I can’t sleep; so downstairs I go to take one.

11:20 – (back in bed) Ok – pretty soon, I’ll be drifting off to sleep.

Midnight – I am not asleep…but I am too tired to read and too tired to get up.

12:15 – That’s it! I’m getting up and trying the warm milk thing that my husband suggested as he fell asleep (head not even hitting the pillow yet).

12:20 – Sitting in family room with my son, watching a bit of TV and sipping on my warm milk (which by the way – really doesn’t taste that good). My son informs me that studies have now shown that the warm milk “treatment” is just a placebo. I smile and tell him “I’m desperate.”

12:45 – Back in bed. Ok, NOW I’ll be able to sleep – Gravol, warm milk – good to go!

– Why do my eyes tear so much – am I seriously aging?

– What am I going to make for dinner tomorrow night – I mean tonight? Can’t bear chicken again.

– The dog is overdue for his annual visit to the vet.

– Why is that my hair won’t hold a curl – unless of course my hairdresser does it for me? Should I get highlights?

– Did I pay that bill?

– No! I didn’t – have to do that tomorrow (I mean, today). Hope I remember.

– Need to refill my Mom’s cell phone minutes for her tomorrow (sorry – I mean, today)

– I KNOW you’re not supposed to look at the clock – but what time is it?

– OMG. I have to get up in 4 1/2 hours!

4am – I’m groggy, I have just woken up from a  deep sleep (finally!) to hear the dog barking. Something he never does at this hour. I wake up my husband and tell him to go downstairs and see what’s going on. He comes back to bed and tells me he saw absolutely nothing.

Hmm – not like my dog to do that. Maybe it’s a new newspaper carrier. No – not at 4am. Maybe it’s someone walking, carrying something – like a shovel. Would he be wearing a hoodie too? Who is out there walking at 4am? Maybe it’s kids skulking around looking to break into a car…..no It’s -20C….no one’s out there.
When did I get to be so neurotic? Do not ask my children that .

4:30 – Oh great…I am going to have to get up in an hour. How will I do the day on just 3 hours of sleep?

4:45 – Well, too bad – there’s no point in trying to sleep now.

5am – I’m up. I may as well go downstairs and make coffee.

I love fresh ground coffee but I don’t want to grind it at 5am…..

You know what? This is a blog.


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