Shower Power

January 12, 2014

I get it. After his shower, my twenty-something son likes to have a fluffy, fresh bath towel everyday…EVERY DAY!  Hey –  you are drying off a clean body – I think that towel is probably good for 2 days…and considering that I’m not running a hotel. I know this because I never find a tip left for me. Now, you can probably imagine my impending thrill on Friday morning as I get ready to get into the, most certainly to be, cold shower before work  (after everyone else in the family has had their shower, of course) only to find zero towels on the rack – zero towels in the closet and yes, you guessed it, zero towels in the laundry room’s dryer.

So here was the dilemma…I have to have a shower but what will I use? Oh, I know –  how about a hand towel….or maybe  – 5? Yep – that’s right; I get out of the shower and use 5 hand towels to dry off.  Quite the “spa” I’m running here! I was torn between feeling annoyed and proud of myself. After all – I had to use two towels, cleverly hair clipped together to contain my sopping wet hair.

Needless to say, the next thing I did was a big load of laundry . You guessed it – all towels.

Hmm…..I have the perfect weekend chore for my son on Saturday morning ;).


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