Hello 4:30 am, My Old Friend

January 11, 2014

Good Morning 4:30 am, and how are you this dark-not-quite-yet-dawn? Let’s see – my older kids went to bed about two hours ago, so I guess that means that we are running electricity about 22 hours a day at our house. 4:30 am is an old friend of mine – there were times when we met just after a night of partying with friends – my heels in hand as I gleefully said goodnight. Other times we kept each other company while I nursed a baby or three. Ah…and those peri-menopausal meetings… when I needed a little company to talk out the crazy hours of hot flashes (which, by the way, I still experience – but somehow don’t need the company anymore). Now it seems that 4:30 and I are only meeting occasionally – because she also keeps company with my husband from time to time (but never at the same time…why is that?). Well, 4:30 am – we have lots to do…..there’s a grocery list to compile, perhaps a little on-line banking, some email to catch up on and maybe we can squeeze in a little “net surfing”. I don’t know about you – but I am seriously wondering about how to get that weird oil stain out of my new t-shirt…not to mention the brown spots out of my hands.


One Response to “Hello 4:30 am, My Old Friend”

  1. Welp, we better keep on doing our best and having fun with life! You can do it if you put your mind to it! ^_^

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