Kindness Equinox

December 11, 2013

December 1st is what I like to call the kindess equinox – it kicks off an entire month of people the people they should already be. Like, why is it that the guy who monitors the parking lot at the grocery store, leaps up to help me with my 3 bags in December…..but not when I am struggling with my 10 bags in the dead heat of summer (while I am wearing a brace on my arm). I have to admit – I do like it that people are holding the door open for me this month, rather than letting it fly in my face and the Pleases and Thank Yous seem to fall out of everyone’s mouth without coaching.

I think there must be something in those December snowflakes…I don’t know if you have to ingest them accidentally or if a flake merely landing on your head is enough – but last week, it seems that almost every stranger I passed had a quick smile or a nod of the head for me  – two people even wished me a “good afternoon”! What’s up with that? I felt so….well – like a Real Person!

This is what I love best about the Season though – no matter what holiday you celebrate – there seems to be this gentle air of kindness swirling around – as though the cold winter wind has caused our hearts to warm up a bit more.  I honestly do make an effort during the year to be kind and helpful – but I even find myself wanting to go that extra mile for people. Maybe we all feel as though we are wrapped up in the same warm blanket of human kindness all of a sudden and that the Magic of the Season allows us to make time to be the people we really are – deep down inside…kind.

Kindness and making magic for other people is most underrated and unappreciated – until you bestow it. So go ahead – do something unexpected and kind today….it can be a really small thing (to you) but might be the magic that someone else needs to make their day.

And do me a favor?  Try to keep it up all year – I’ll check back with you in 2014 to see how it went 😉


3 Responses to “Kindness Equinox”

  1. Pam Ireland Says:

    Love this post, Connie. Thanks for the sweet reminder.

  2. Barbara Says:

    Just like forgiveness, you shouldn’t just take it out of your pocket whenever you need it. Should be part of who you are. Love it Connie! Great read.

  3. Kindness…being kind…it’s something we can choose to do everyday, alright!

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