A Cat walks a Dog

November 6, 2013

Picture it people. Halloween day and I am dressed as a cat (for my kids at school) and I run home on my lunch hour to walk my friend’s dog.

It is pouring rain and I am wearing all that I was able to find at home

I am wearing a short yellow slicker with my neon yellow Halloween-y skirt with black cats all around hanging out from underneath not to mention my. now wet, cat tail also dangling. Then there are the tall  boots that kinda of make me feel a tad hooker-esque under these circumstances. I still have my cat ears on under my hood  and the whiskers I have painted on are well…somewhat smeared. To make matters just a tad worse – the only umbrella that I could find is my daughter’s yellow ducky umbrella from when she was three years old…and half if it is drooping, partially broken.

So that’s the picture folks – a somewhat sexy kitten (actually – seriously sexy kitten in the right circumstance!) telling a very old large english spaniel to “hurry up and poop!”

All I kept thinking was – If a reporter from our local neighbourhood paper sees me…I am done!


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