Beautiful Birthday

September 13, 2013

I was at the birthday celebration of a friend of mine – someone who I have been friends with seemingly forever. We have grown together though our children. We met when they were preschoolers, worked through their elementary school years and right on through their high school years,  past university…and yet here we stand 20 years later or should I say, we are still standing! She knows me…I mean – she knows me….unlike most people.

I watched her, the Queen of the Night – circled by lovely women whom I hadn’t seen or socialized with for more than 15 years. All those years ago we were young mothers, feeling our way through the foggy path of parenting – reaching out/leaning onto each other – and somehow we all survived, basically none worse for wear. I looked at them as we sat around the large round table, soft candlelight kindly gracing our soft lines…and honestly, the harder I looked at these women – the more beautiful they appeared…they were truly the young mothers I had left behind as I (like the rest of them) embarked on Life’s decided adventures. But there we were – laughing, giggling over memories long past, of times yet to come…still Girls – still Young Women…and with all of our life experience we were as we always had been.

I felt encompassed by a large hug – the warmth from the candles melted into our arms as we hugged each other – and the glow reflected in our eyes, in our smiles….and the laughter – oh the laughter! I thought to myself – How lucky am I?


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