House Guest Pandemonium

September 6, 2013

A friend of mine is expecting house guests – somewhat unexpectedly and she is stressing, as in eyeballs are popping out of her head, along with a vein or two, about cleaning up a couple of key rooms in her home. Now, I have to say that this woman is clean to the bone so it’s not an issue to “cleaning” – it is an issue of tidying her essentials before her company arrives. This is where I – The Expert – come in.

Look, I live in a home with a family of 5 consisting of my husband and I and 3 kids – plus a shedding dog and cat (both of whom are black, so there is no mistaking the hair!) . Two of my children are young adults (20 and 22) and the youngest is a burgeoning teen of 13. They have stuff like school books and art work lying around the house, and I, as a preschool/daycare teacher have plenty of “stuff-going-to-school” items….as well as a couple of errant sweaters and series of shoes that I kick off once in the door…not to mention those two bags to “things to return to the store” or dry cleaning yet to be delivered. We are an Arts and Crafts family (ok – I am) and my oldest daughter is a true Artist, so there are often works of art in progress, kind of lying around. All this to say; we are not dirty pigs but we are a cluttery family and here’s the point – WE LIVE IN OUR HOUSE…isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

So – when I have company coming over, I have my own quick method and I am more than willing to share it.

1) Dust what shows. You hear me – just dust the surfaces and wipe around what shows.

2) Run the vacuum quickly (I only have one carpet!) and make the Swiffer your best friend.

3) Spray disinfectant on all surfaces in the bathrooms – smells good and makes it shine.

4) NEVER leave doors open to bedrooms or offices!

5) For clutter that you haven’t the time to organize of go through – GET A CARDBOARD BOX. You heard me. Get a box and place all things cluttery in it – then tuck it in your basement (or the office you have closed the door to). That way, your room(s) look fabulously organized and give that appropriate minimalist look plus you know where the stuff you cleaned up went to. You can always go through that box next week and de-clutter/organize that way – plus you don’t lose anything.

6) Light scented candles….everywhere – including the bathroom. Great ambiance? Sure. Wonderful distraction? absolutely!

These trips and tricks work, without a doubt…in fact, seeing as I am helping out my friend with hosting a big dinner one of the night, I am now wondering…where are those extra boxes of mine?


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