Man Stink

September 4, 2013

What is the deal with Man Stink? Come on gals – I know a good bunch of you know what I’m talking about. I certainly did not coin that phrase – it was my late Hungarian grandmother who did. When I was pregnant with my first child (23 years ago!) she was both overjoyed and also quick to share her own pregnancy experiences. I was lucky enough to have suffered zero morning-sickness, unlike my grandmother who told me it was the man stink that sent her running for the toilet. Man Stink? What the heck was that? She said to me – “Nah! you know… ven you go into dee room in the morning and open the door…Oh-My- Gahhd! Man Stink!

I think what it is – is the…ummm…manly scent of testosterone that is secreted through a vibrant man’s skin….especially in the morning. It’s not B.O. – not sweat….it’s just – well – MAN.

I have managed to experience this in my own home some mornings, with two vibrant and testosterone filled men living here… doesn’t make me sick like it did her – but I can’t say that it hurts to throw open a window once in awhile.

Men and Women…how do we ever get together ?   😉


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