Magic Elixir

September 3, 2013

I saw a friend today who may or may not know it – but she is my magic elixir. We spent two hours together talking over a coffee and it felt as though only half an hour had passed. It always feels that way. She hasn’t known me forever – we didn’t grow up together, we didn’t work together, we weren’t new moms together – we simply met one evening at a party thrown by a mutual friend, and the spark ignited and the connection was made. She understands me in a way that not too many other people do. This silent, strong, always reaching to learn, part of me.

We share a coffee and a lot of conversation about every three months – and each time I come away so re-charged and motivated. It’s interesting to me , those certain  people who fill your life…and by “fill” – I do mean FILL.  They fill in the blanks where Life has decided to leave you empty…perhaps that’s the whole point of these connections. I have always felt lucky to have the friends that I do – each one fills a particular space – each one is a magic elixir – smoothing the road, the journey of life – of reaching goals and aspiring dreams.


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