When The Dream Changes

July 23, 2013

Sometimes a dream is over – it isn’t going to happen the way you had envisioned it for all those years…and you have to find a way to let go. There are a few people in my life who are experiencing this slow realization that the life they had planned is not the life they seem to have now. It’s hard to watch because you want to be able to wave some magic wand for them and change it to their vision of their dream-come-true.

Sometimes life just kind of happens to you and sometimes it is the choices you make. Well, let’s face it – it’s always the choices you make…even when the unexpected happens.you still make choices as to how you’re going to next move forward. A lot of times we are rooted in fear – fear of the unknown, and comfort in where we have been standing seems easier than making a step in another direction. The funny thing is that we are always capable of taking that step – those other paths are out there, but so often, we stand in the shadows hoping for a little ray of sunshine to light the way. We wish – we close our eyes tight and wish hard…but it almost always looks the same when you open them again.

I think we always know what to do – way deep inside – but that tiny voice often can’t be heard by the roar around us. More quiet moments – truly moments of quiet…then the magic begins to happen. You hear the whisper – it feels right and you know it….now all you have to do is take a step…any direction will do.


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