A Tiny Moment

April 25, 2013

For some strange, odd reason – I was remembering someone tonight. Someone that I really didn’t know at all, someone who has since left this earth – someone who was famous but without any pretension ..someone that I had the odd fortune to cross paths with and meet. We were at the same music industry conference – about a zillion years ago (ok – maybe 20) and for some inexplicable reason we were introduced. I wasn’t Anybody and he wasn’t being Somebody  –  other than himself.

Paths crossed  – and all I can tell you is that, in the short time that we chatted, this man blocked out all others and refused all interruption as we talked – as he listened.. I think it was probably at a time that I really needed to be heard. The respect that this man showed me is still so fresh to me today. That moment reminds me that giving someone just 10 minutes of your undivided attention and respect can last a lifetime…and it doesn’t matter who you are.


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