Everyone’s Waiting

April 14, 2013

Have you ever heard a song and thought; Hey, those are MY words – I was going to write that! That’s exactly the way I feel!

Well, every time that happens to me it’s just a reminder of how connected we all are and how similar we truly are. Just when you think you are alone in your thoughts and feelings – it turns out that you’re not. There is someone else writing those feelings, singing those feeling and, I suppose, buying those feelings too because let’s face it, unfortunately sharing is not always free.

I’m listening to Missy Higgins sing Everyone’s Waiting….and I think to myself…how many of us feel this way everyday. True, most of us are not hopping up on a stage somewhere about to perform a show for a roaring crowd of people. Then again, our stages are in our kitchens, where we are standing aimlessly in the centre of it with a spatula in hand, wondering what we are going to create tonight – and  how far can we make it go…or in the driver’s seat of the car as we chauffeur some child to some activity or maybe to school…or  in a hospital room trying to make our elderly parent’s needs known to a stranger in a white lab coat,  who is standing on their own tiny stage – in their own daily show.

At some point,  in the middle of the daily swirl of commitments, I think most of us have those brief moments of silence where we are screaming in our heads….when is it my turn? Or simply; turn down the noise – I can’t think/dream/create. 

Sometimes life gets so busy… too busy, and we forget to breathe, because, guess what? Everyone’s Waiting.


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