It’s 5am – Do you know where your parents are?

April 6, 2013

Why is it, that I am now getting up for the day – when I used to be just going to bed for the night? Remember staying up half the night, out with friends or being  up watching movies or simply talking with friends? Now, I’m happy if I can make it through a whole episode of CSI. Either I am nodding off or I’m gently being lulled to sleep by the sound of my husband nodding off. What happened to us? Karma – that’s what. Never mind middle age. I say it’s Karma. One weekend (while still in our adorable twenties) my husband and went home to visit his parents – after dinner and the (early) evening news, there they sat on the couch – the two of them with their heads back and mouths half-open – out cold, asleep.

We giggled – heck, we snorted and laughed out loud and then did something terrible…something absolutely shameful. We took their picture. Ha ha ha -Lol, all that stuff. How funny that it was only 8pm and they couldn’t stay awake – I can almost feel my sides still aching from it…only now, my sides are aching because I fell asleep in an awkward position – on the couch! The worst part of that memory is  the realization that at that time – at that very moment – they were a few years younger than we are now. Oh, Mom and Dad…forgive us!

So, at my last medical appointment (of which there seem to be increasingly more), I complained to my doctor about this early waking thing and do you know what this lovely, bright young gal said to me? “As we age – we need less sleep.” Really? Great. Lots of comfort. The thing is, I would feel a lot better about that if we weren’t so darn tired,  so darned early. I mean, if we were becoming night owls, that would be great because there is so much more that you can do into the wee hours of the night, without disturbing your household (with young adults in it – who are also up). But at 5am,  I find myself tip-toeing around like a freaking ballerina; grinding the beans for my coffee in the basement so as not to wake anyone up and frantically hitting the mute button on my computer – because you know how that techno “boing” sound can wake a zombie (ok – have I just dated myself saying techno? and do zombies even sleep?). It’s already bad enough that my joints snap and crack so loud  that it almost sounds as if they are applauding the fact that I managed to make it down the stairs.

Well, I guess for now I can at least take comfort in the fact that I feel inspired enough to write, this early in the morning…and as I wait for (at least half of) my family to wake up, I will entertain the thought of making another cup of coffee – with four dish towels thrown over top of the machine to keep it quiet.


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