Mean Girls – II

April 4, 2013

We’ve all been there – either on the giving or the receiving end, and I want to go on record and say that I find it all exhausting. What is it with the female persona? We are specifically known and revered for our nurturing qualities and yet there is a strain of us who are constantly going for the jugular. I mean, it’s no wonder that the Twilight series has done so well –  vampires go for unsuspecting peoples’ throats in order to sustain themselves – right? Hmm…sounds strangely familiar.

I don’t like girls. That being said – I have some incredible, wonderful, loving and supportive friends who make my life a pleasure  – who share in my joys and my sorrows (and sometimes even leave me treats for my kids and dinner for my family on days when I am overwhelmed- you know who you are!) and I also have two amazing daughters who just don’t play that game. They never did. I’m not saying they are perfect – they just never played this game. They treat people as people -liking some for their positive qualities and avoiding those who are negative influences – end of discussion. I also have a son who, at the tender age of 8, noticed this bizarre, mean girl behavior and I remember him coming home from school one day, talking to me about two girls in his class saying, “I don’t get it, Mom – one minute they are friends and the next minute they are fighting and hate each other – that’s crazy!” You said it, my friend.

With boys and men it’s all about Size (yes, size only matters to men), Brains and Success. But as long as you can squeeze into one of those categories (and let’s face it, one way or another – you can) you are ok. With girls – the species of girl I am speaking of, it is about how you look – thin or not thin – your clothes, your hair and make-up….or sometimes, it’s just nothing, i.e.: your tone of voice, your mood (God forbid you’re having an off day!). It’s about not conforming to their skewed view of what a girl/woman should be….and skewed is the right word because to any honest, good soul – people are people – sure some are kinda kooky and offbeat but they are still, at the source -basically good souls – something this strain of girl/woman doesn’t see…but then again – I just used the word “soul” (hello vampires).

Now understand, I am most certainly not perfect. Have I ever engaged in gossip (ashamedly, yes)? Has a judgmental thought about someone’s appearance ever crossed my mind (again, once in awhile -yes, ashamedly)?  But I have not truly judged or treated anyone differently or cruelly (at least I don’t think I have!!!).

Oh – and on the appearance thing – can I just say that (particularly when in dating mode) no one ever looks across the room at a stranger and says – “wow great personality – super creative/inspiring soul.” It’s more like “nice eyes/ cool outfit – or in the appropriate moment –  “nice butt”…just sayin’.

Anyway – there’s been a situation or two recently that inspired me to rant about this – and for further ranting – please refer to my previous piece on this, titled: Mean Girls…y’all will know what I’m talking about 😉


2 Responses to “Mean Girls – II”

  1. Barbara Weber Says:

    Best piece ever!You GO!

  2. iammeemaw Says:

    Just came across your blog. Really enjoyed it!

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