Teachers are the Modern-Day Saints of the World

March 31, 2013

Leaving out the religious aspects of the dictionary’s meaning…..teachers truly are the saints of the modern-day world. My children have had some amazing teachers – people who helped open up the world to them in areas where I was limited (hey, you can’t know it all!). They have partnered with my husband and I in directing the flow of my kids’ natural talents and interests, and have lit fires both beneath them and within them. Think about it. GOOD teachers (people who live and breathe their profession, not the ones who thought; “oh that’ll be a cool job – summers off!”) are the very foundation of our future – they are busy guiding (I prefer that term over “molding”) our younger generation, the world’s future. Readin’,’Ritin’ and ‘Rithmitic aside – they are spending the day guiding our children through subjects, doing  their best to infuse them with a genuine thirst for knowledge…something that I believe all children possess from the time they are small – but this thirst somehow this dries up between “don’t bother me with that now, I’m making dinner (I’ve been guilty of that one from time to time!) and a click of the T.V. remote.

I know this for a fact because I am a teacher – at the preschool/daycare level – but a teacher nonetheless. Although I have three children of my own (two in university, one in high school) who are the loves of my life – the wee ones that I spend my day with are also my treasures. While I can most certainly separate from my job as I walk out the door each day, I can’t deny that “my” children aren’t on my mind. I am thinking and planning what I hope will be exciting activities and as I do my regular shopping, things catch my eye and I think “ooooh – so and so would LOVE that! How can I incorporate it into an activity?” At this level of teaching – I, too, am always learning. Those kids constantly have something new for me, for they are on the cusp of discovery, intuition and observation – and they always share some new way to open my eyes.

….and I laugh – my goodness but I laugh…every single day.

At this stage in the game I am not teaching subjects – I am teaching, or rather guiding, social behavior – helping them to figure out how to work out situations and get along – something that a lot of adults have trouble with! I try my best to support their parents’ lessons and the good intentions from their homes and from time to time,  maybe even embellish with a few of my own (I am a veteran parent after all!). I think for me, at this stage in the educational game, it is mostly about Magic. I am a big believer that childhood should be about magic and wonder. Sometimes it comes in the form of their own discoveries…sometimes it comes in the form of my creativity and  imagination – which I gladly share. The best part? That’s when I get all caught up in the magic with them and suddenly I get permission to be 4 years old again too…..how lucky am I that I get to spend my days playing a part  in their  make-believe, or cutting out moons and stars… or simply rediscovering the wonder of seeing green shoots burst through the soil of something we’ve planted? Pretty much anything found on the ground is a newly discovered treasure, everything and everyone is beautiful and everyday, love is given so genuinely.

There is nothing more heart-warming than when I walk to my car at the end of my day and the kids are outside playing in the yard and one of them will yell out to me – “Goodbye! See you tomorrow! I love you!”

That’s what it’s all about.


One Response to “Teachers are the Modern-Day Saints of the World”

  1. nives degano Says:

    I think we can rename the book, Everything I needed to know I learnt in Kindergarten, to Everything I needed to know I learnt in Preschool!!! You are blessed but they are doubly blessed!!! xoxo

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