Spring is in the air – just not in my garden yet!

March 30, 2013

What is it about Easter weekend that brings out the “spring” in people? Oh ….right ….we’re Canadian. So anytime that the thermometer pops up above zero -we get all tingly and excited.

Actually, there is some truth in that. After enjoying winter (as best we can when we aren’t skiers). The day that the sun decides to shine warm and the temp rises enough for you to leave the top button on your coat open…well, I don’t know about you, but I immediately start thinking “flowers.”  Now truth be told, I’m not much of a gardener – I basically throw all kinds of seeds around and I plant lots of pretty and interesting plants,  but all I’m really doing is hoping for the best -and happily, I generally end up being pretty lucky. I don’t weed too often (or at all – sorry gardeners, I know you’re gasping out there) and leave the watering to my hubby and yet still, things grow. In fact that’s my philosophy; how would it grow in nature without someone to tend it? It would just grow….or it wouldn’t.

At any rate, spring is most definitely in the air this Easter weekend. The sun is so bright and warm, and most importantly perhaps, the ground is bare! So we are all walking around in (insert small squeal of joy) SHOES!

Some overly exuberant people are actually attempting to sport shorts….which I feel is both ridiculous and well,come on – let’s face it –  ridiculous.

I, on the other hand, am obsessed with buying flowers – all kinds of spring flowers. While I am not actually making all of these purchases, I am stopping at every little shop that has flowering plants in front. I think we all miss the color and the scent of an easier, friendlier season. Yesterday, I was overcome by the heady scent of a purple hyacinth and picked one up for my home – to offset the smell of dog, I told myself.

I see it sitting on my coffee table when I come into the house and although there is still the tiniest kiss of winter in the spring breeze – it smells like spring and it looks like spring and I feel both happy and reborn…so many possibilities await!


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