Ebb and Flow

March 15, 2013

Every once in a while, while you’re in the middle of living your every day life – a song, or a photograph pops up and you are caught off guard and without warning swept you are out into the murky sea of yesterday. Bobbing along, you manage to keep your head just above the of the wave of reminiscence, and resist as you may –  the bittersweet scent fills your nostrils and your eyes sting from the splash of long-forgotten moments…and you wonder how is it that you traveled so very far from that place.

While completely happy with the  life paths you have carefully altered  and chosen and  living the dreams that you have worked hard to make true  in this presently most perfect place – you wonder how it is that, in the flash of an accidental  moment, a once foggy memory only faintly visible, can come into such sharp focus … how a flood of forgotten scenes can wash over you, causing you to quickly grasp today and hang on tight.

Deep breath in…and then exhale…an even deeper breath out.

Oh what might have been…oh thank goodness for ebb and flow.


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