Half-Empty Nest

February 24, 2013

As I watch my children begin to venture out onto that branch – the one from which they will one day soon take that final leap into the sky of life, all on their own – I can’t help but fade back to about a million years ago to when I was at the same place. Funny, I say “a million years” and yet some days it’s as clear as yesterday. I do remember being young – not that I ever really feel old – but I remember quite vividly how it felt to be ready to fly and yet have my sweater caught on one of the sticks in that proverbial nest called home. Lying awake at night with one foot in a flood of dreams and one in a pool of trepidation. While I am in no rush for them to take flight, I am enjoying watching them prep their wings. They have absolutely no idea how exciting and delicious this time in their life is. It is that precious moment when it is more than forgivable to make obvious mistakes – in fact it’s expected.

I am not unhappy about where I am right now – not at all. In fact, I think  I’m probably luckier than most people I know, because  I’ve actually realized a lot of those midnight dreams. If I could go back in time, I wouldn’t change anything, not really…but that’s not to say that I wouldn’t perhaps alter some of the flight path – just a tiny bit, here and there.

So here I am, standing behind my children – probably too close for their comfort – mostly because they don’t quite realize that my only intention is to support or catch them – which ever they need at that time….and when they are ready to take that leap,  I hope they won’t mind – but I intend to grab one last feather.


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