On The Tip Of My Memory

February 7, 2013

I’ve just heard the forth song in a row that reminds me of certain people who have long since gone and I wonder….I wonder why….I wonder about them…I wonder if maybe it’s because they are trying to let me know that they are still here. I’m not sure just what I believe in, all  I know is how I feel, and right now, what I feel is those people – the impressions they made on me…on my heart. Strangely enough, in spite of the momentary emptiness that comes from  missing of them, I have to smile – almost laugh – as I am vividly recalling a funny moment, a silly face, a knowing glance and all of those wonderful  moments that we shared and I am suddenly filled with the rush of a warm glow.

I like to believe that they are floating around me from time to time…it melts the sadness, re-enforces the joy and makes the day sweeter to carry on with.


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