Blast from the Past

January 6, 2013

My dearest friend Ann  just sent me a photo of us, taken about 8 years ago. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like all that long ago – but this picture has such deep meaning. It is one of the many group shots that we take every December of our annual Cookie Exchange – a tradition that we have been hosting together for 21 years….longer than a lot of people stay married!

What is so meaningful about the picture is how many of the faces have changed…in fact not one of them is from 21 years ago when it all began. In fact, back then – I’m pretty sure that back then we never took a picture. I think of us, back in the beginning…we all had toddlers and infants (that was how we met) and we baked simple things like oatmeal or chocolate chip cookies and we packaged things in foil or baggies – because the whole point was to take home these dozens and dozens of different cookies and freeze them; saving us the time and effort of baking at the holidays. We would always have cookies to put out on a tray when entertaining at the holidays.

Fast forward to today. Our Cookie Exchange is now also a potluck dinner – with interesting and stylish dishes that we share. Our cookies have moved on to recipes like chocolate cappuccino shortbread swirls, fancy biscotti and pistachio cherry surprise bundles. We no longer wrap our cookies in foil or baggies – we now send our cookies home on fancy plates or festive tins and some are elaborately decorated and wrapped in a material with holly branches attached. The packaging is almost more fun than the cookies themselves! The funny part is that we are busier than ever before, even though for a lot of us, our children are grown. Somehow, we manage to pull it all together for Cookie Exchange.

For the last 10-plus years there has been a core group – for sure, but every other year there is some one who either can’t make it that year or has decided to move on and so Ann and I use those opportunities to invite someone new into the tradition – it’s always great to meet new people….many of whom. over time, have become part of the core.

Cookie Exchange starts the season for many of us – this warm gathering of old friends and new. Good food, fine wine and of course…the cookies


One Response to “Blast from the Past”

  1. And here we are now another fabulous Cookie Exchange later:) What great memories and the BEST way to kick of the Holiday Season! I am behind getting to read Sassy Talk – “better late than never”…! You are a dear friend! XO

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