Snow Day

January 1, 2013

What’s with those weather guys?  Predicted – 20cm of snow….Actual snowfall was 43cm….Shoveling for days on end – priceless.

Actually, I can’t complain. It was fun – the kind of fun that I remember as a child. All that snow! It snowed all day long with a blustery north wind sculpting fancy drifts in every spare nook and cranny. My family went outside for about 20 minutes in an attempt to make a dent in the forthcoming monumental shoveling job. Several shovelfuls and a few snow angels later, they came inside, red-cheeked and ready for the pot of  tea I had prepared for them.

We “watched” the storm, off and on, all day long – it was like a movie on a loop. How is it, that watching snow accumulate can actually be entertaining? I don’t know – but it is. Pot of stew on the stove, filling the house with a savory aroma, some candles burning and a nice bottle of wine (well, for the adults – anyways!). Higher and higher the front lawn rose as the street and sidewalks disappeared. The trees were so pretty and with the Christmas lights all still on it was absolutely magical. By nightfall,  the full moon came out creating a blanket of glittering diamonds on the snow

We awoke to the aftermath the following day. A tiny path for a street and snowbanks where sidewalks used to be. People were slowly venturing out and what struck me was all the conversations. I watched stranger after stranger greet one another, roll eyes and share a laugh together. What is it about a calamity that brings the spirit out in all of us?

Although it inconvenienced us as far as getting out and about – it also brought us together. We had a traditional family holiday gathering that had been set for the day of the snowstorm and had obviously been postponed to two days later. The day arrived, sunny and bright, but most people were still snowed in – like my parents – who share a huge double driveway with their neighbours and the snow-removal guy still hadn’t shown up. They love this holiday gathering and we hated the thought that they would miss is, so the kids all bundled up  and under the direction of my husband, each grabbed a shovel and  headed over to dig out Grandma and Grandpa.

After an hour of 4 people shoveling, they had only managed to get the back portion (by the garage) cleared….no easy feat! My husband turned around and looked down the long driveway and sighed – no way would they be able to get this done. Ah Fate – at that very moment the snow removal truck showed up and within a few minutes, the driveway was cleared…the celebration was on! And so we went to our family gathering and had one of the warmest, coziest holiday gatherings ever. We ate, we drank and we laughed all afternoon long.

Snow Days….maybe we should have one every year.


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