New Year Resolution

January 1, 2013

I like New Year’s Day. It’s one of my favorite days of the year. I feel like it is universal permission to start fresh. I know that a lot of people get their knickers in a twist about resolutions – but I don’t look at my New Year’s Resolutions as being carved in stone – they are ideas, motivation….actually they are things I aspire to all the time but don’t always “get there.” So Jan. 1 – I begin again, newly infused with positive energy.

My Resolutions are fairly simple and not particularly exciting but they are things that would make me feel “caught up” in my life.

Resolution #1:  This one really bugs me – I want to keep a neater house – streamline all the crap that is hanging around and taking up valuable real estate in my basement. The thing is, I have a husband, three kids, a dog and a cat – my hobbies include various kinds of crafting and artwork as does my job -and I am extremely sentimental…you know what that means, right? I have BOXES of stuff….kids’ artwork, their baby clothes, romantic cards sent from my husband, trinkets from my grandmothers’ homes and of course, then there are the photos…more photos….and even more photos! So – this resolution may end up being my life’s work. I just kind of renew this one each Jan.1.

Resolution #2: I want to be published. Ok – I have been published several times in magazines but I want to have a book. I’ve written two novellas (romance with a touch of crime) which are out there, floating around – waiting to get published. Quickie guilty pleasure type books. What I want is to also publish a book about Life as I See it ( a la Erma Bombeck). Life – as people ask me advice about, or as I can’t help but comment on at a party (after having arrived half and hour late because my glasses fell in the toilet and after fishing them out was running out the door and broke a heel on my one pair of high heels that I wear from time to time….you get the picture). So yeah – I want my Book of Life to get published.

#2b) Blog more regularly!

Resolution #3: Lose those last 10 pounds of baby weight – seeing as my baby is now 12 years old….

Resolution #4: Finish the scrapbooks and photo albums I started some years ago.

Resolution #5: Pay it Forward more often. Be more patient more often. See my friends more often.

Bottom line: I’ll do what I can this year…and if I don;t get it all squared away…there’s always next Jan.1.

Happy New Year, one and all!


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