Christmas Crunch

December 23, 2012

It’s been a rush….even though I thought I was doing the Christmas thing well-paced….it somehow always ends up a rush. This past week I was feeling pretty good about myself. Office parties – done, gift shopping – done (ok – 99% done), baking – started. Then, a friend is sick at work and I decide that I will  take the opportunity to snap up a few extra overtime hours, because, let’s face it – I’m virtually “done” for the holidays.

Oh-Oh…never get too cocky during The Season. This day, it decided to rain instead of snow. Now on one hand, Good – no shoveling. On the other hand, Bad – torrential rain all day. That meant puddles that went well over the “waterproof” line on your boots – no matter how high your boots were. Okay, I made it to the car but had to stop for gas as the tank was on E…as in – gas light was on. Then to the grocery store to pick up something for supper because I hadn’t done my weekly order yet. Next it was the drug store to pick up necessary items like TP, which I had, of course, forgotten to buy at the grocery store. Finally, one last stop – the neighbourhood convenience store which is thankfully  located next to the drug store. Seeing as I didn’t want to walk into the store with my two big bags of TP, I thought I’d put them in the car. I have to step carefully on the edge of the curb, precariously balancing on the icy snow ridge so that I wouldn’t have to step into the shin-deep lake that separated me from the car. I reached over to unlock the car door and thought, Yay, I did it!  Then, thinking this was the best way to go, , I tossed in my bags of TP . No problem, except that it knocked over my two boxes of ribs (dinner) and sent them into the lake…ARGH!!! Worse? One box began to float UNDER the car. No choice now but to step in, up to my mid-calves and fish out dinner. My only respite was that the food was vacuum sealed in plastic. Perfect, I thought – just perfect. Grabbed them and threw them into the front seat and then turned around and walked into the store to buy my, now much-needed bottle of cheap wine and lotto ticket.

By the way – didn’t win the lotto…but dinner was great. Ahhh – the Christmas Crunch!


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