Italian Romance

November 8, 2012

I just heard a piece of music that sent me back to about 17 years ago when my mothering girlfriends and I would meet at a local coffee shop once a week, while our children were in Nursery School – to catch up, to connect and exchange information…so there we were one cold November morning – each of us rubbing our hands to warm ourselves, having just been rushed into the doors of the coffee shop by December’s kiss. A fireplace cracking to our left…the lively chatter, laughter and giggles suddenly gave way as we stopped to listen…a piece of new music – at least, new to us – came over the speakers and we stopped dead in our cappuccinos….oh – my goodness…what was that incredible piece of music? It was Andrea Bocelli singing Con Te Partiro …. and it was being sung in only Italian…no matter that we had no idea what the words meant…we were all frozen – in the dead heat of Italian…at that very moment we all looked at each other and simultaneously were torn between asking who and what that piece was…and, did anyone want a cigarette?

Italian -is truly the language of love and I have always aspired to learn to speak it.I don’t care what you say to me in Italian – it all sounds delicious…and my answer is always…Yes!


One Response to “Italian Romance”

  1. nives degano Says:

    Love it, love it, love it!!!! Buona giornata bella!!!

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