The Working Stay-At-Home Mother

October 2, 2012

It’s not quite 9:30 in the morning. I am going in to work a bit later than usual today because I have a meeting to attend and find myself back in the role (even if it is only momentarily) of the Stay-At-Home Mother….who, by the way, works harder than anyone else in the world. When you stay at home, everyone’s wish is your command – your kids, your husband, your community – and there is no pay-cheque at the end of the week. Of course you do it for love – I did it for 14 years and I loved it – I loved it because I could actually be in my home and because I felt I could control my family life a bit better (seeing as I was doing the organizing). Now that I work outside of the home, I still do all the organizing but I feel a a little more justified in asking for help from time to time and of course, there is a pay-cheque, albeit virtual, which pretty much goes direct deposit into my local grocery store’s account.

So … so far this morning, after being roused awake to the shining moonlight at 5:30, by no less than 6 alarms…mine, my youngest daughter’s and the two each that my  older kids feel the need to have – my day began. My husband graciously makes the lunches – so that isn’t usually on my agenda (although today I helped make two of the 4), then had to drive my girls to school because one had a precarious project.

Whew! Home again…perhaps a coffee? Not so fast little lady. I decided to use my time wisely (I had 2 hours) and start dinner – keeping in mind to prepare something appropriate for my son who has just had all 4 wisdom teeth removed. Then decided I had better use those cranberries which were still fresh and bake a loaf cake, actually, while I’m at it, may as well make two…what the heck, use that canned pumpkin and make 4…good for a week now (oh yeah – forgot to mention, I live with the Sweet Tooth Family). Oh, and what on earth has been spilled down my cupboard doors? Better wipe it off….oh, and that other cupboard…hmmm and the other (you get the idea).

Ok, now I’m done! Coffee is on and I can breathe. WRONG! Son pounds down the stairs – late for university (which doesn’t usually happen…late for dishwasher duty – but not school). Can he get a left to the express bus. Deep, internal sigh. Of course….and we’re off. As we approach the bus stop he watches it pull away….oh no – now what? Mom need to carefully/responsibly pull a Need for Speed and get around that beat that bloody bus….I have 4 cakes in the oven – remember!?!

Beat the bus – son gets on and I make my way home – just in time to hear my oven timer go off. I am now finishing my half-cup of coffee and then absolutely have to dash upstairs to dress and be ready for pick-up to my meeting, which is in…..5 – 4 – 3 – 2 …….it’s been a slice!


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