Neat Freaking

September 18, 2012

It is 5:30am and I’ve just swept the floors. I know what you’re thinking “Oh – what a neat freak” – WRONG!

Wrong, wrong, wrong. I sometimes wish I was one though – my house would look better and I’d find things more easily (or lose things less often). The truth is …well, it’s a combination truth. Number One: I just don’t have enough time. Between a full-time job, 3 kids (2 of whom are over 18) a husband and a dog and a cat…there isn’t enough time and there is WAY too much hair….and Number Two: if I had the time – I’d find better things to do with it, rather than clean house. Now,that being said; I have HUGE respect for people who are wonderful house keepers; I really do. Whenever I am at one of their houses I come back home and immediately want to start to clean. Everything always looks so “in it’s place” at their place, plus they don’t have much stuff – no extraneous mementos or photographs. I am looking to the side table next to me in the family room and I see a lamp on the table, a photo of my husband and I (both of which are fine) but I also see a stray pen, the manicure bag,  a bottle of nail polish and a comb that fell out of my dad’s pocket which I placed there to remind me to take it back to him …..which was 2 weeks ago. Then on the shelf below it are an envelope of photos I have to sort and send to various people (at least the letters are written and in the computer – where I can easily change the date when I am ready to send them, because you just know I wrote those about a month ago). However, don’t be mistaken – I do try. I try hard and often. I sweep several times a week (I didn’t know our short haired puppy would end up a long haired dog), my youngest child is the one on dusting duty – and I must say that it usually gets done once a week. I clean my 2 bathrooms twice a week and I try to work on my kitchen; but as an avid cook and baker who creates every day, you can probably imagine the stray splishes and splashes. I actually clean that room constantly because I do cook so much; however for some reason the other 4 people who pour coffee and juice or make a peanut butter sandwiches don’t seem to see the mess they leave in their wake.

As for all the sentimental keepsakes and those things I am saving because they’ll be useful someday? Well, deep down, I DO want to get rid of all of my non-essential stuff…’s just hard to know what exactly is non-essential.

I guess that it’s all just a work in progress and I suppose that once all the kids have left home I will have that clean and neat house – clean, neat and …. very quiet.


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