Game Face

September 17, 2012

Everyone puts on their Game Face when they leave the house in the morning (maybe even before) and if you don’t – you should. It is what lifts you up and motivates you to keep moving forward at a time when you just don’t feel like you can.

Game Face is what you present to the world. You wear your Game Face to work – no one needs to know your every distraction – it only leaves them filled with concern or leaves room for speculation and rumor. You put your Game Face on for your parents and children – so as not to worry them, at times when your shoulders are growing weary of carry the stuff you carry around… and you put your Game Face on at the grocery store, drug store and gas station – because, let’s face it, these are all people who, when they ask you “How are you? How’s it going?” They don’t really want to know – they’re just being polite.

Sometimes, however….every once in a blue moon (which ironically, we just experienced) – I just don’t have the energy to put on my Game Face or it just doesn’t seem to fit securely enough on my face. Sometimes I just want to let it all hang out – let it just fly out there in the face of the universe without a care of what happens. But, I get the better of my own self and slap it on, try to adjust, pull the old invisible velcro tighter and move forward…always do my best to keep moving forward.


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