August 30, 2012

Remembering last year….high school this year and she was happy and excited to go…what a difference a year makes… your child, anyway.

Sassy Talk

My youngest goes back to school in two days, and I remember what that first day was like, last year…

The usual routine is that she walks into the school yard, sees some friends and  then they all line up for the bell. Each teacher then leads his or her class into the school and a few parents stand on the sidelines for a last wave. Day One – lots of excitement! Loves the teacher, same teacher she had last year because at her school, the children are in “split classes” – no surprises there, and she’s  basically pretty happy with the class. Being the bubbly type, she has a great big smile on as she tosses me a wave and a “see you later!” Day Two – the class walks by me and here comes my daughter – head down, hunched shoulders. I’m wondering, what could have happened in…

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