The Sound of My Voice

August 25, 2012

Have you ever heard yourself? I don’t mean on a tape recorder or the voice message you have on your phone…I mean your voice, the one that comes out of your mouth every day (or, if you’re like  me – every few minutes!). Of course you hear it…but lately – I have been hearing it…and I have to be honest, I am so damned sick of it. I am sick and tired of hearing myself tell the same tired stories about work, or my aspirations or my musings on life or simply my asking for the same tasks to be done at home.

Now, if you know me – you know that I love to talk. In fact, I remember being sent home from the neighbors when I was about 4 years old, a lovely elderly couple (who you’d think would have been happy to have the chatty company!) after being asked;  “Do you know that you’re a chatterbox?”  Back then, I didn’t know what that term meant and when I arrived home and asked my mother she just chuckled and said “You sure are!” Not an answer…

I can’t help it – I am incredibly comfortable with both words and people. I love sharing ideas, thoughts and feelings. Communicating is not only something that comes naturally to me, it just… happens – kind of like breathing. But, make no mistake, I do work on trying to listen too, although I’m sure that my family would say that I am not consistent enough in that department and to be honest, they are probably right. For crying out loud –  I write a blog…doesn’t that sort of support what I’m saying now?

No matter how hard I try to curb it – I can’t. Sometimes, I will silently observe for a while and then, without warning – Bam! I explode into conversation and chatter. Then there are the occasional days when I truly am feeling quiet and pensive (probably once, seasonally) and  that seems to start people worrying, thinking there is something wrong with me…. and then THEY, don’t stop talking to me !

How do you burst a naturally bubbly person? How do you, at the very least, learn to contain those bubbles?

I don’t know the answer to that yet…but am talking to people and trying to figure it out.


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