I’d Make a Good Rich Person

July 31, 2012

Seriously. I would make a good rich person. I don’t want to be filthy rich -as in “I have no idea what to do today” rich. I just want to  be able to pay off my mortgage (you know that big thing that hangs over your head?), help a few friends out, give the local schools and libraries a break…that kind of thing. Not media spotlighting philanthropy – just honest to goodness assistance to a handful of people whose life you could make a difference in. I’d still work – maybe a little less – but I’d still work. Mostly because I like my job and I think I make a difference, but I’d have more time to fulfill some of my deepest dreams and desires and still have some energy to spare.

See? On paper and in black and white – I would make a good rich person….

Now – if only the lottery would co-operate!


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